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Covid-19 Rules for Mountain Sports

The latest developments in coronavirus infections have forced the Swiss government to tighten the existing protective measures.  From 20 December 2021, a Switzerland-wide "2G rule" applies, which means that access to indoor areas and many activities will be restricted to persons who have been vaccinated against or have recovered from Covid-19.

In general:

2G: vaccinated or recovered

2G+: vaccinated/recovered within last 4 months or vaccinated/recovered with a negative test  

3G: vaccinated, recovered, tested

Please keep the following points in mind when planning your tour and visiting an SAC hut

  • Only visit our huts if you are in good health.  
  • Visitors over the age of 16 must have a valid Covid certificate proving that they have either been a) fully vaccinated against or b) have recovered from Covid-19 (i.e. so-called "2G rule") to eat or drink or stay overnight in our huts.   
  • Masks must be worn inside the huts. Guests must be seated to eat and drink.  
  • Alternatively, the hut teams are free to adopt the 2G+ rule if they wish. In this case, guests do not have to wear a mask. Please check in advance which rules apply in the hut you intend to visit.
  • Book your sleeping place in advance – no overnight stays are possible without prior reservation, even in unattended huts.
  • Reservations made before 20 December 2021 remain valid. If you are unable to visit a hut due to the 2G rule, please inform the hut team immediately.
  • Please bring your own hut sleeping bag, pillowcase, disinfectant and/or soap, towel and protective masks.
  • Please comply with the hygiene and protective measures.
  • The 2G rule also applies in unattended huts and bivouacs.  

Multi-day tours with overnight stays require a 2G Covid certificate

All persons taking part in a multi-day tour with an overnight stay in a hut or a hotel must have a 2G Covid certificate. We recommend already checking whether all participants meet this requirement when you meet up.

No restrictions apply to outdoor events with up to 300 participants.

The 2G rule applies to SAC tours and courses.

Mandatory Covid certificates (2G) and mask wearing in climbing gyms

Access to activities in indoor areas such as bouldering and climbing gyms is restricted to persons with a valid Covid certificate (2G). Masks must also be worn. Gym operators are free to adopt the 2G+ instead of the 2G rule.

Mandatory Covid certificates (2G) for indoor events

Covid certificates (2G) and mask wearing are also mandatory at indoor events such as club meetings or competitions.  

SAC Main Office closed until further notice

The SAC Main Office in Bern will remain closed until further notice. You are welcome to contact us by phone: +41 (0)31 370 18 18.

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