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Schönbielhütte SAC 2694 m

The Matterhorn north face is the dominating element on the way to the cabin, in summer as well as winter. Then the view opens to the equally beautiful white Dent d'Hérens, which was probably named due to a mix-up with Dent Blanche. Surrounded by majestic four-thousanders, the cabin is the starting point of high alpine tours such as the Valais Haute Route. But the cabin in the Zmutt valley is a hiking destination from Zermatt in its own right.

Additional informations Schönbielhütte SAC

Hut wardened
  • Jan: Closed
  • Feb: Closed
  • Mar: Partially
  • Apr: Open
  • May: Open
  • Jun: Partially
  • Jul: Open
  • Aug: Open
  • Sep: Partially
  • Oct: Closed
  • Nov: Closed
  • Dec: Closed
Shelter open
  • Jan: Open
  • Feb: Open
  • Mar: Open
  • Apr: Open
  • May: Open
  • Jun: Open
  • Jul: Open
  • Aug: Open
  • Sep: Open
  • Oct: Open
  • Nov: Open
  • Dec: Open
Hut phone
  • Sleeps: 70

  • Emergency shelter: 12

  • Dogs on request
  • Drinks
  • Family rooms
  • Half board
  • Payment with creditcard
  • Plain meals
Hut guardian
Biner Alfred
Hut guardian partner
Biner-Perren Yolanda
Hut chief
Rudin Peter

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