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Castor 4223 m Route archive

Castor, the larger of the twins, is located a kilometre southeast along the border from Pollux. Aside from its rocky south wall, the Castor is almost completely wrapped in an iron-hard glacial jacket. South of Castor is the Colle del Castore (about 3995 m). Below this pass is a formidable rocky bulwark which culminates at P. 3992, very obvious from the Rifugio Mezzalama. Through this bastion run several major routes, but these are hardly done today. The same fate applies to routes on the north side (from Monte Rosahütte), which are no longer done because of conditions on the Zwillingsgletschers. A bit harder than Pollux, Castor is still one of the simpler four-thousanders to climb. However, abrupt weather changes, crevasse dangers and considerable difficulties in orientation on the Breithorn Plateau must be taken into account.

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