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Falknis 2562 m Route archive

The westernmost mountain of Rätikon offers a unique view to the Rhine valley from Chur to Frümsen-Salez. Viewed from the south, its characteristic feature is the steep grassy face from which Falknistürm rise up. Even in deep winter it is most often snow-free. From the west, the triangular rock face of Gir is most impressive. Guschagrat is the ridge running northward. The ridge is famous for its pastures and fir trees and this region was the inspiration for Johanna Spyri’s „Heidi“ novels. Towards the east there is another, rather flat ridge, which presents slabs and talus as well as rock cliffs. Usually the summit is accessed from Enderlinhütte or Älplibahn. All the access routes are long and require stamina, except the one from Älplibahn.

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