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Rotstock (Eiger, BE) 2662 m Route archive

From 1899 to 1903 there was a secure path set into the far right-hand corner of the Eiger North Face. Ladies in wide skirts and men with straw hats were able to climb from the former station Rotstock, the first stop of the train in the 7 km long tunnel through the Eiger and Mönch to the Jungfraujoch, on a via ferrata up to the Rotstock (2663 m). When the Eigerwand station went into operation, the installations on the Rotstock were abandoned. In 1997 this forgotten tourist path was rediscovered, and three years later, Grindelwald mountain guides, on behalf of the Jungfrau Railway, installed aluminium ladders and tensioned wire ropes in the lower, unknown section between the cliff base and the former Rotstock station.

The Rotstock itself was first climbed by Francis Fox Tuckett, J.H. Fox and Edward Robson Whitwell with Christian and Ulrich Lauener, July 31, 1871 over the Eiger west flank and the summit structure.