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Rimpfischhorn 4199 m Route archive

The Rimpfischhorn forms a grandiose mountain silhouette. Despite its topographic prominence, it is not visible from the valley locations of Zermatt and Saas-Fee. To the west and north, wide glacier fields predominate, to the south and east a spectacular wall drops about 600 m to the Allalingletscher, giving the mountain a somber appearance. The flat but exposed ridge of the Rimpfischhorn has a number of gendarmes and therefore looks like the armored back of a dinosaur (or spine of a fish). These features are very different from the more uniform Strahlhorn. The Rimpfischhorn is separated from the surrounding mountains by two wide passes: the Adler Pass to the south and the Allalin Pass to the north. The summit of this mountain is easy to remember: it is very narrow and offers little space for one person.

The name of the Rimpfischhorn comes presumably from the dialect word rimpfe (rumpled, as in nose), which refers to the visible from far wrinkled (wavy, rumpled) structure of the summit ridge. "Rimpf-isch" and not "rimp-fisch" (which certain English translators previously surmised must refer to a rare species of alpine stickleback).

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