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Jegihorn (Saas-Grund) 3206 m Route archive

The Jegihorn is a somewhat reddish outcrop, full of character, and the end of the Jegigrat - an extension of the Fletschhorn leading SW. The mountain is easily accessed by cable car from Saas-Grund to Kreuzboden, or from the Weissmieshütte. An alpine path leads to the summit, which is adorned with a cross, but you can also visit the summit via a number of attractive climbing routes. The atmosphere and panoramic view make a visit worthwhile.


The Jegigrat stretches from the W flank of the Fletschhorn in SW direction to the Jegihorn. Its highest point (3361 m) is also called Jegiturm. The full traverse is a very attractive tour.


Climbing at the Jegihorn: The Jegihorn is a beautiful alpine climbing area for the "Plaisir" (pleasure seeking) climber with good mountain experience. All climbs will be rewarded with a great view of the Saas area's four-thousanders, which are numerous and inspiring. The normal descent takes about 2 hours on the well-marked normal route (carry trainers / boots on the climb).

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