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Grünegghorn 3860 m Route archive

The Grünegghorn 3860m stands on a shoulder of the 4043m high Grosser Grünhorn. It is usually crossed during an ascent of the Grosser Grünhorn from the Konkordiahütte, but is also worth doing as an independent goal. The fore summit (3787m), aka the "ski summit", is easily accessible from the Konkordiahütte over ice and firn. The main summit is almost 80 meters higher and connected to the pre-summit by a ridge.

The rocks of the summits around the Grosser Grünhorn (Klein Grünhorn, Grünegg, Grünegghorn, Grünhörnli) consist of amphibolites, which contain mainly greenish 'hornblende': Hence the name of these mountains. The Finsteraarhorngruppe also consists of amphibolites.

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