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La Ruinette 3875 m Route archive

La Ruinette is the highest peak of the triumvirate Ruinette / Mont Blanc de Cheilon / Pigne d'Arolla. It is also the highest point between the Grand Combin and the Dent d'Hérens. It is a striking rock pyramid that stands out from the Glacier de la Ruinette, the Glacier de la Serpentine and the Glacier de Giétro. The ridges are not that solid, but the walls are worse, so stick to the ridges. The panorama from the summit is impressive. That Whymper was interested in this mountain says a lot. With the Cabane de Chanrion and the Cabane des Dix both near at hand, the mountain is very well developed.

Reference to the mountain can be found in variation throughout the Romandie and Valais, in the Upper Valais, for example it has been known as Rufinu; in German-speaking Switzerland: Rüfe. The name Ruinette comes from Patois: ruin (with a diminutive -ette), resp. from latin: ruina (from the verb ruere) meaning furrowed, slippery slope, slip or eroded area.

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