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From Leutschachhütte to Kröntenhütte Leidseepass 2328 m

  • Difficulty
  • Ascent
    1 h, 370 m
  • Descent
    3 h, 680 m

Via Panoramica

Nomen est Omen. The panoramic trail between the two SAC cabins is full of charming landscapes and wide views. Some passages which require scrambling, are well equipped. They make the ascent to Leidseepass interesting and the view from the crest makes up for the sweat shed on the ascent. Some geological gems complete the whole tour. Those who want to add an extra lap can make the detour from Kröntenhütte to Fulensee, where you can take a swim in fairly tepid water.

Route description

Leutschachhütte – Leidseepass

The signpost before Leutschachhütte (2209 m) shows the way to Leidseepass, the deepest breach between Chapferplanggenstock and Jakobiger distinguishable from afar. After a gentle ascent below the south-east pillar of Ruchen you reach the rocky promontories of Chapferplanggenstock at ca. 2300 m. Where the trail traverses precipitous granite slabs or gullies, fixed ropes are physical and mental help to overcome the precarious passages. The uppermost stretch of the trail leads up to the jagged ridge at about 2400 m (around 250 m west of the deepest breach at P. 2328). Through schrofen follow the ridge down to Leidseepass.

Leidseepass – Kröntenhütte

From the col descend in a wide arc towards Leidsee (2271 m). From the north end of the lake the trail leads zigzagging down, often on fields with firm old snow until late into the summer or even into the fall, towards Riedfurggi (2213 m). Here it turns westward following the steep north-east face of Hundtschingel. Between Unter Älpli and Päuggenegg you will encounter two more passages equipped with fixed ropes and chains, but they are easier to overcome than the ones before Leidseepass. Through vast moor areas with cotton grass and a plain interspersed with huge boulders you soon reach Kröntenhütte (1903 m).

Additional information

Departure point
End point
Difficulty / Material

The passages equipped with fixed ropes between Leutschachhütte are fairly easy to overcome on the ascent. The steel cables help even hikers who are not too good with heights to master the few precarious moments. Happily past these passages, you will not mind the two other passages equipped with fixed ropes and chains between Leidsee and Kröntenhütte. The entire route is marked white-blue-white. If there are fields with old snow on the ascent from Leidsee, an ice-axe can be helpful.

Neighbor summit

Gwasmet (UR) – Erstfeld (2264 m)

A small peak, easy to reach from Riedfurggi offering a rewarding view to Erstfeldertal and to the region around Klausenpass (T3, 10 minutes from Riedfurggi).


Marco Volken

Marco Volken is a freelance photographer and alpine journalist. He has co-authored numerous books on the Alpine region, including illustrated books, non-fiction books, hut guides, hiking and club guides, ski touring and climbing guidebooks.

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