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Mittellegihütte 3355 m

The original Mittellegi hut was constructed in 1924, three years after the first ascent by Yuko Maki, who donated 10,000 francs towards the build. In 1986, sleeping capacity was extended from 16 to 28 by installation of a 12 bunk metal bivvy tube a short distance below the hut. In 2001 the original hut was replaced by a new, larger hut offering 24 bunks and bringing the total capacity to 36. The original was flown by helicopter to its new home, as a museum, on the Jungfrau-Eiger Trail between Kleine Scheidegg and Eigergletscher station.

Additional informations Mittellegihütte

Hut wardened
  • Jan: Closed
  • Feb: Closed
  • Mar: Closed
  • Apr: Closed
  • May: Closed
  • Jun: Partially
  • Jul: Open
  • Aug: Open
  • Sep: Partially
  • Oct: Closed
  • Nov: Closed
  • Dec: Closed
Shelter open
  • Jan: Open
  • Feb: Open
  • Mar: Open
  • Apr: Open
  • May: Open
  • Jun: Open
  • Jul: Open
  • Aug: Open
  • Sep: Open
  • Oct: Open
  • Nov: Open
  • Dec: Open
Hut phone
  • Sleeps: 36

  • Emergency shelter: 12

  • Cooking catered
  • Cooking non catered
  • Drinks
  • Half board
  • Plain meals
Hut guardian
Tschan Kai-Leonie
Hut chief
Brawand Fritz

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