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Steep wall Beautiful route

B) Contrafforti di Baggio Piansecco 1882 m

  • Altitude start
    2180 m
  • Height Wall
    60 m
  • Exposition / Rock Type
    SE / Granite
  • Difficulty


  1. 3a-4c0
  2. 5a-5c1
  3. 6a-6c4
  4. 7a-7c0
  5. 8a-9b0

This is the least frequented sector in the area, despite the rock is of good quality. Perhaps the routes are a bit too challenging for some, more so than the Hexagon sector.


  1. 1 Winner taco 5a 2 P
    L1 5a / L2 4c - Attrezzata da: Floriano e Raffaello Martinaglia nel 1999
  2. 2 Gli anni del patibolo 6c 2 P
    L1 6b / L2 6c - Attrezzata da: Floriano e Raffaello Martinaglia nel 1999
  3. 3 Paradisi artificiali 6a 3 P
    L1 6a / L2 6a / L3 6b - Attrezzata da: Floriano e Raffaello Martinaglia nel 1999
  4. 4 Noli me tangere 6b 3 P
    L1 6a+ / L2 6b / L3 6b - Attrezzata da: Floriano e Raffaello Martinaglia nel 1999
  5. 5 Libera nos domine 6a 1 P
    Variante a destra 6b - Attrezzata da: Floriano e Raffaello Martinaglia nel 1999

Additional information

Mediocre equipped, longer runouts possible
Quick draws
Trad Protection
Abseiling possible
Foot Descent
Rain sheltered
Child friendly terrain
Child friendly routes
Protection / Material

Old bolts. In need of renovation.

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