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Eggen - Widderfeld Stock – Eggen Widderfeld Stock 2351 m

  • Difficulty
  • Ascent
    3 h, 1000 m
  • Descent
    2:15 h, 1000 m

Ross, Chalber and Metzger on Widderfeld

Widderfeld, Bockistock, Chalberdössli, Chüematt, Stierendossen, Geissberg, Hüenderstuben, Rosswang, Ochsenmatt, Schafbandschnauz: the names around Widderfeld Stock, on the border between the cantons of Ob- and Nidwalden, seem to assemble the region’s entire universe of farm animals. Widder = ram; Bock = billy goat; Chalb = calf; Chüe = cows; Stier = bull; Geiss = goat; Hüender = chickens; Ross = horse; Ochs = oxen; Schaf = sheep. No wonder that there is also a Hüethütte, Hirtplanggen, Läckchänel, Melchplatz, Mälchgaden and Metzgerplanggen. Hüet = herd; Hirt = herder; Läck = lick; Melch = to milk; Metzger = butcher. And if you search thoroughly there is even a Wolfisalp (Wolf = wolf).

Route description

Eggen - Storeggpass – Chrachen

From the summit station Eggen (1412 m) hike to Hüethütte. There ascend right in the pasture to Storeggpass. Now follow the crest, unmarked but on a distinct path, towards the summit of Widderfeld Stock.

Chrachen - Widderfeld Stock

At ca. 1910 m you reach the foot of a rock wall, from where the path leads horizontally about 100 metres to the distinct breach of Chrachen. The 50 m high, mostly rather wet and slippery Chrachen can be overcome with the help of some steps cut out from the rock. Subsequently the trail winds its way up Hohmad. From about 2030 m (where the trail from Bocki merges) red markings can be made out, which lead on increasingly gravelly and rocky terrain to a saddle about 200 m west of the highest point. Follow the ridge, at the end scrambling, or hike on a faint path in the meadow to the summit of Widderfeld Stock (2351 m).

Widderfeld Stock - Stierendossen - Bockihütte

From the summit cross hike southward on a faint path to the Bocki-Rotisand saddle and continue eastward to P. 2154, where Bockigrat begins. Follow the ridge, soon across small rocky ribs to Stierendossen (2245 m, splendid view to Engelberg and Titlis) and on to Bockistock (2225 m, equally splendid view down the valley to Lake Lucerne). From Bockistock at first hike on sheep tracks, then pathless through a karst area with bizarre rock formations to Bockihütte (ca. 2045 m).

Bockihütte - Rosswang

Now hike on the so called Leiterliweg across a steep step equipped with a fixed rope to Heuzingeli and on a ridge to Rosswang.

Rosswang - Eggen

Following the red markings, descend on a direct line through Rosswang to the small road at ca. 1500 m, which leads back to the summit station Eggen via Lochstafel and Hüethütte.

Additional information

Departure and arrival point

Eggen (Eggendössli), mountain station. (1412 m)

From Grafenort by foot in a good thirty minutes to the valley station.

Information about the cable cars Mettlen – Rugisbalm – Eggen: +41 637 24 33 or


Eggen – Widderfeld Stock: 3 hrs.

Widderfeld Stock – Bockihütte: 1:15 hrs.

Bockihütte– Eggen: 1 hrs.

Difficulty / Material

The main technical challenge is the ascent through Chrachen, where the trail zigzags about 50 metres through a wet, often slippery breach. Every now and then you need to use your hands on the fixed ropes, but the trail is nowhere really exposed.

The traverse on the ridge to Bockistock is unproblematic, unless the soles of your shoes are full of sheep’s poo.

The descent to Bockihütte is pathless and only pleasurable in good visibility. The final descent from Heuzingeli to Rosswang goes through fairly steep schrofen terrain, has a passage equipped with a steel cable (not exposed) and should not be undertaken in wet conditions.


Storeggpass (1741 m)

Easy passage from Melchtal to Engelbergertal.


Remo Kundert

Remo Kundert is a hiking guide and owner of the hiking tour operator Per Pedes Bergferien. He also works as a freelance photographer and alpine journalist, and has co-authored numerous hut guidebooks, alpine- and family hiking books.

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