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FAQ magazine «Die Alpen»

Here is a list of the answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning our magazine, «Die Alpen».

If you have any questions about our magazine, «Die Alpen», have a look at this page. If you can’t find the answer, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to provide you with additional information.

I’ve taken a really nice photo and would like to have it published in «Die Alpen». How should I proceed?

Email your photo (min. 1 MB!) to leserfoto(at)sac-cas.ch. Include the name of the photographer, the date it was taken and the caption. Every month, the editorial staff chooses a photo to publish. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any remuneration and we will not enter into any correspondence regarding articles submitted for publication. Professional photographers are not permitted to participate.

I’d like to comment on an article in the magazine. How should I proceed?

The fastest way to do so is to write to alpen(at)sac-cas.ch.

NB The views and opinions expressed in readers’ letters are those of the authors themselves. The editor reserves the right to accept, refuse or shorten letters submitted for publication.

I’m organising an event linked to mountains. Can I advertise it in the SAC calendar?

A calendar is now available on the SAC website in which you can insert an event. If you want your event to appear in the magazine’s calendar, send us an email at the latest 2 months prior to the event. The editorial staff will decide whether or not it can be included.

Our mountain hut is being renovated. How can I inform people about this?

We are happy to publish information concerning hut closures, renovations or transformations. Details must be sent to us at least 2 months beforehand.

I have come across a selection of back numbers of «Die Alpen». Who could they be of interest to?

The SAC’s administrative secretariat and the Alpine Museum in Bern have copies of every issue of «Die Alpen». However, some people may be interested in obtaining back numbers. 
You can advertise them in the magazine at a special rate. Simply fill in the form which comes with the magazine every two months.

I went on a great outing and I’d like to write an article about it in «Die Alpen». How should I proceed?

Don’t hesitate to submit any articles (with photos) relating to mountains. Send them to alpen(at)sac-cas.ch. We decline all responsibility and reserve the right to decide whether or not to publish them, when and in what format.

Wir haben unsere Website vollkommen neu gestaltet und mussten die Alpen-App abstellen.

Wir haben unsere Website vollkommen neu gestaltet. Aus Kostengründen mussten wir die Alpen-App abstellen. Du kannst jedoch die Artikel online auf der Webseite lesen: https://www.sac-cas.ch/de/die-alpen/ sowie die ganze Ausgabe als PDF herunterladen.

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