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Important legal information

Please read the conditions set out below carefully before you continue. Anyone who visits Swiss Alpine Club SAC’s website must agree to the following conditions.


The user takes note of the fact that the information published on this website only applies to the judicial area of Switzerland. Applicability for other countries is neither intended nor guaranteed.

Copyright and trademarks

All of the content of the website is protected by copyright. All rights reserved by Swiss Alpine Club SAC or third parties. The elements of the website are only freely accessible for browsing purposes. Any reproduction of the material or part thereof in any written or electronic form is only permitted if is expressly acknowledged as being the source. Reproducing, transferring, modifying, linking or using the website for public or commercial purposes is strictly prohibited without Swiss Alpine Club SAC’s prior written consent.

The various names and logos on the website are as a rule registered trademarks protected by law. No component of the website is designed in such a way that a licence or right to use an image, a registered trademark or a logo is granted as a result. By downloading or copying the website or parts thereof, no rights whatsoever relating to software or elements of the website are transferred. Swiss Alpine Club SAC reserves all rights to all elements of the website, with the exception of third-party rights.

No guarantee

Even though Swiss Alpine Club SAC has taken every care to guarantee the reliability of the information contained on the website at the time of its publication, neither Swiss Alpine Club SAC nor its contractual partners can provide an explicit or implicit assurance or guarantee (including to third parties) that the information on is accurate, reliable or complete. Opinions and other information on the website can be amended at any time without notice.

Swiss Alpine Club SAC assumes no responsibility and cannot provide any guarantee that the functions on the website will not be interrupted or that the website or the relevant server will always remain free of viruses or other harmful components.

Limitation of liability

Insofar as a contractual relationship exists between Swiss Alpine Club SAC and the user of the website or another service of Swiss Alpine Club SAC, the latter shall only be liable for damages caused by gross negligence or wilful intent. Swiss Alpine Club SAC cannot accept any liability for damages caused by an auxiliary person. Swiss Alpine Club SAC cannot accept any liability for lost profit, loss of data or other direct, indirect or consequential damages which result from accessing elements of the website or the use thereof and the impossibility of accessing or using them or from links to other websites or technical faults.

Links to other websites

The website contains links to third-party websites that could be of interest to you. On activating such links, you might leave the website or excerpts from third-party websites are displayed within the website Swiss Alpine Club SAC did not perform any checks whatsoever on third-party websites linked to the website and is in no way responsible or liable for the content or functionality of said third-party websites. This applies irrespective of whether you leave the website after activating a link or if the information is displayed within the website and also if – in the latter case – the information provider of a third-party website is not easily visible. The user establishes such a connection or consults third-party websites exclusively at his or her own risk and responsibility.


The SAC reserves the right to amend the contents of this website and these regulations at any time. The user is therefore obliged to read these regulations every time he or she visits this website.