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Add routes to your favourites

A “Remember” button is now located at the top left of the page of each route description. Click on it to add the chosen itinerary to the list of those that you would like to do. You can access your lists from your account on the SAC website.

You can:

  • Create a list of routes you wish to do
  • Sort them according to different criteria (sport, altitude, partner)
  • File those you have already done

Good to know

  • You can name your lists, e.g. “Routes for 2020” or “Routes to do with Florian”. You can rename them anytime.
  • A route can feature on several lists.
  • The itineraries can be moved from one list to another.

This function will be further developed in the future to help you manage the itineraries you wish to do or have already done.