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Zinalrothorn Eveline JeanRichard 2016

CAS Dent-De-Lys

Size of the section

338 members

Yearly membership fees

Single membership

CHF 126 + one time CHF 25 entry fee

Family membership

CHF 186 + one time CHF 40 entry fee

Youth membership

CHF 68 + one time CHF 5 entry fee

Section advantages

  • Jusqu'à 50% de réduction sur les nuitées dans les 153 cabanes du CAS

... and all other advantages of the SAC Membership

This is how you can reach us

CAS Dent-De-Lys
Case postale 341
1618 Châtel-St-Denis

Events of the section CAS Dent-De-Lys

0 Events
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