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Liskamm Westgipfel 4479 m Route archive

Liskamm represents one of the most impressive massifs of the entire Alps. It poses with its stupendous height, and glistens with its (still) monumental glaciation. Only the south side of the west summit has a significant rock face, otherwise Liskamm surrounds itself with a thoroughly arctic, repellent glacier shell. While the northern ice sheets flow into the Gorner Glacier via the Zwillings- and Grenzgletschers, the Lys glacier on the south side is a phenomenon: until a few years ago its tongue reached down to a height of 2300 meters at the Alp Soalze, astounding for a southward flowing glacier. The Liskamm is unfortunately very treacherous! For a long time it has been nicknamed "The Man Eater". Several bad accidents during traverses of the peak helped it gain this unflattering name. The ridgeline is often badly wind-scoured and corniced. Collapsing cornices and tragic short-roping accidents are unfortunately themes that seem to repeat themselves here. When the fog comes in or the weather breaks, orientation on the complicated terrain can become extremely difficult. Therefore impeccable rope guidance and complete mastery of orientation are an important basic condition for an ascent of Liskamm. Good fitness and techniques are also a must. This is a BIG 4ker tour for advanced alpinists.