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Keys SAC route portal Disciplines, keys and icons explained

Legend and keys SAC Route Portal

The routes are shown on swisstopo maps. For each mountain sport discipline the cartographic symbols and the type of line give specific information about the terrain and the requirements (see also the SAC grading scales). Lines and map symbols are shown in the colour of the respective discipline:

Mountain sport and cartographic symbols

Cartographic symbols

On the map the destination of a tour (gernerally a summit) is denoted by a symbol. The colour corresponds to the discipline by which the destination can be reached.

  • summit
  • col / pass
  • cave
  • lake
  • stop for refreshment
  • bridge
  • interesting point
  • waterfall
  • alp
  • starting point
  • SAC Hut
  • Other Hut
  • tip / caution


  • Summits reachable on a mountain or alpine hiking tour.
  • Col crossable by various mountain sports disciplines.

Map functions

For easier orientation and better planning the map can be interactively moved and complemented by additional layers (e.g. public transportation stops, hiking trails, slope decline, wildlife sanctuary zones).

  • Switch to full-screen mode of the map
  • Discipline filter in the full-screen mode of the map
  • Turn on/off map layers and select opacity
  • Align the map to the current location of your browser
  • Zoom up the map by one step
  • Zoom down the map by one step
  • Eigene Route zeichnen
  • Gezeichnete Route herunterladen
  • Gezeichnete Route löschen