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Mittaghorn (Saas-Fee, VS) 3142 m Route archive

There are many 'Mittaghorns' in Switzerland; many are positioned due south of a mountain town and therefore point to the sun at midday. Such is the case for Saas Fees's Mittaghorn, so beautifully positioned at the centre of the innermost Saas Valley, which guarantees a view from all sides, and - who's surprised? - from every window. In December and January this mountain covers large parts of the village in icy shadow. The mountain is of alpinistic, but also geological interest. During prehistoric times, the N side of the mountain has broken off, causing several considerable landslides. The large, stately blocks that landed at the foot of Plattjen are a testament to these catastrophes. Even today, the north face is actually constantly "in motion", the rumbling and whistling of falling rocks is normal background music for Saas Fee residents. In general, P. 3142 is detailed as the summit (a mighty cross of white metal stands on it), and not the slightly higher tower (at 3160 m) along the SW ridge.

A via ferrata leads over the northwest ridge. In summer, during the descent, flower lovers are also advised to look out for small blue cushions between the rocks: the rare forget-me-nots, or king-of-the-alps (Eritrichium nanum) which naturally grow here.