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Mönch 4107 m Route archive

Three distinctive ridges lead to this excellent summit: the east ridge, which divides 300 m east of the summit and is most often climbed via the southern arm (The northeast arm of the east ridge offers nice climbing, but is rarely climbed). A highly recommended route leads via the southwest ridge. The northwest side of the Mönch is marked by a mighty ice bulwark (the Nollen): a classic ice route leads over this bulwark. Then there is the Lauper Route: an excellent, committing but not too strenuous route with a proper north face feel.

The Mönch is a very popular alpine tour destination that is easily accessible from the Jungfraujoch. Unfortunately, this mountain is repeatedly underestimated. The numerous, often fatal accidents clearly indicate that the Mönch should not be viewed as a practice area for inexperienced mountaineers – even on the normal route.

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