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Sonnighorn 3487 m Route archive

The Sonnighorn, a gneiss pyramid, towers a little over its immediate neighbors. First peak after the Stellihorn. A glacier adorns its N-flank. This glacier pours into Almagellertal, which is separated from the Furggtälli by the Sonniggrat and the Almagellerhorn. The rock of the Sonnighorn is very solid, so it offers some very rewarding, somewhat exposed climbs of moderate difficulty on all three of its ridges.

The Sonnighorn forms the culimnating point of the Cresta di Saas and the Sonniggrat. However, the main ridgeline stretches off NNE and comrpises the Mittelrück and the Portjengrat; also very noteworthy tours. The panoramic view from the Sonnighorn leaves no alpinist indifferent. The Matterhorn peeps out between the Rimpfischhorn and the Allalinhorn.

Of course, the sun always shines on the summit, at least 363 days a year ...