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Piz Sardona / Surenstock 3056 m Route archive

Piz Sardona forms a broad hilltop supported on all sides by walls of Verrucano (Permian conglomerates containing rock of volcanic origin). The highest point stands directly above the fearful northeastern wall, which drops steeply down to the Chlinegletscher. Summit cross and a summit-book.

The once glaciated summit plateau is now a largely bare mound of scree. 700 meters south of the summit is another rounded top (3011 m).

Piz Sardona is climbed often, together with Piz Segnas. Routes from the east (Sardonahütte, Flims) are considerably shorter than those from the west (Elm). The old 'normal route' from the Sardonahütte over the Surenjoch has been abandoned in favor of the Mittelgrat; the route from Flims still uses the Surenjoch.

The name Surenstock is derived from the Romansh 'munt sura' meaning 'the upper mountain'. Sardona (the highest part of Calfeisens) comes from surdona or surdauna. The aldreto-Romanian 'surd' or 'suord' means source and is related to the Latin 'surgere', sources.