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Tête Blanche 3706 m Route archive

The Tête Blanche could be the twin sister of Tête de Chavannes. In the latest topographical study, the snow cap which used to be the highest point of the mountain was recorded at an astonishing 17m lower the before. The difference is surely floating around in the Mediterranean somewhere. A little further south you will find today's highest point atop the rugged rocks of the south face at 3710 m. On the rock face a strange spike is visible, which in Zermatt is known as "ts Mannji" (about 3650 m). The tour to the summit is easy, the panoramic view breathtaking. The view here of Dent d'Hérens and the Matterhorn will not be easily forgotten. It is therefore no coincidence that the famous artist Gottlieb Studer part of the first tem to climb it.