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Piz Vial 3168 m Route archive

The highest, central summit between the Greina and Val Lavaz with a panoramic view and summit cross. A blocky ridge leads to Piz Greina, which is rather a southeastern satellite of Piz Vial. The kinked west ridge connects also to Piz Gaglianera via P. 2953. The sharp north ridge separates two steep, crumbling glaciers. Piz Vial also extends a three-gendarme ridge to P. 2997, which then continues over Piz Vigliuts to Val Lavaz. The climb from the Greina side is easy and very rewarding; the Camona da Terri offers a good starting point. By contrast, the northern flank has only difficult tours in steep ice and brittle rock, and access from the Medelserhütte is time-consuming.


The name "vial" is used here in connection with the Latin "viale" meaning "lock/floodgate". First ascent: L. Held, P. Engi and Vigeli Pally on 15.8.1873.