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Wellenkuppe 3901 m Route archive

The Wellenkuppe, at first glance a 'little brother' of the impressive Ober Gabelhorn, has an intrigue all of its own. The summit, a fabulous firn crest, has a truly maritime air, hence the name which means "wave crest". Three of its walls are steep and rocky, while the fourth, the NW face, has been plastered over by the Glacier de l'Obergabelhorn. The ridge formation on which it stands changes course on its summit and thereafter continues north towards the Trifthorn and Pointe du Mountet. For a mountain of this height, the "Wave Crest" has an wonderfully oceanic aura!


The proximity of its three main starting points (the Arbenbiwak, Rothornhütte and Cabane du Grand Mountet) means it can be climbed in isolation, or be included in an ascent of the Ober Gabelhorn. The Wellenkuppe is normally approached via the E-ridge, which corresponds to the normal route from the Rothornhütte. Since fewer and fewer mountain guides are 'on the hill' and other visitors apparently do not find the old normal route, a path of sorts has established itself through the E flank and become the 'new normal route', despite frequent instances of rockfall. Since the old normal route is only used by local mountain guides, the brittle areas there are less 'cleaned' and their condition gets slowly worse.