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Piz Boval 3353 m Route archive

Piz Boval lies in the mountain range between the Val Roseg and the Morteratsch Glacier. This mountain range ends in the south with Piz Bernina.

At the eastern foot of Piz Boval lies the Boval hut of the SAC section Bernina.

Piz Boval can easily be reached from the Boval hut via its eastern ridge. From the Tschierva hut you can reach the main summit by crossing the Fuorcla da Boval and descending to the start of the East Ridge. 400 m south of the main summit there is a 50 m higher "South Summit" without a name on the map. This can easily be reached via the west ridge from Fuorcla da Tschierva. Traversing from the main to the "South Summit" or vice versa is NOT easy.

Boval is derived from the Romansh word "bouv" (ox).