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Pizzo Centrale 2999 m Route archive

"This is a very fine view-point, and the panorama from it has been published by Prof. Albert Heim (Zürich, 1867)" W.A.B. Coolidge, a great mountaineering pioneer, has written about Pizzo Centrale (in his guide "The Adula Alps" of 1893), which he had reached on July 29th, 1892, together with Christian Almer jun.

It is the highest peak of the Gotthard range. Until the seventies it was a threethousander, measured at 3001 m. Due to a rock slide it lost parts of the summit and with them the triangular point. The new point was measured at 2999 m. Despite the lower altitude the summit has not lost its importance for tourists. Hikers enjoy a 360° view from the mountain: including three valleys, a small lake to the south of the summit, a formerly vast glacier on the north side and to numerous mountain ranges in the distance.

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