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Zervreilahorn, North Summit 2862 m Route archive

The original mountain of this name stands in Graubünden, and features in an advert for the popular spa town of Vals. This Zervreilahorn is not as high and mighty as its sister in Zermatt, but nonetheless has a great figure and even better rock! The Northeast Ridge is considered as a demanding 'plaisir route' and is certainly the most visited in the area. The long ascent; its alpine ambience with many pitches as well as the descent mean the tour is often underestimated. The rock fall in 2009 from the upper part has also made the route more serious. The huge leaning rock slabs all over the Zervreilahorn give the impression that the mountain will not be around for ever! However, these rock slabs provide terrific cracks and chimneys for climbing, especially in the south-east wall.

At the base of the Northeast Ridge, various one- and two pitch routes have been developed. Though somewhat remote for a climbing garden, these routes could provide the less summit-oriented climber with a great, quiet day venue.