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Zumsteinspitze 4562 m Route archive

The Zumsteinspitze would be a true giant anywhere else in the Alps, whereas here it's more a 'dime a dozen'. It stands on the national border, and forms a harmonious duo together with the Punta Gnifetti, to which it's connected by the mighty snow saddle of Colle Gnifetti. The Zumsteinspitze is characterised by the rocks on its western side, while to the east, a mighty ice sheet spreads out to join the eastern wall of Monte Rosa. A traverse of the summit is a delightful undertaking, a tour which can be extended all the way to Nordend. A few other routes have been climbed on its flanks, but these are no longer recommended.

The Austrian General from Welden influenced the baptism of the mountain: he named the summit after Joseph Zumstein (aka Delapierre), who succeeded in the first ascent in the summer of 1820.