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Cima di Jazzi 3796 m Route archive

The Cima di Jazzi stands as the high point of the Weissgrats. The highest point is the snow cap, north of the mountain's Y-shaped rock corset. 250 m south, along a slight ridge, is the higest point of an imposing, triangular rock wall, which slopes very steeply to the Gh. Di Castelfranco. A mighty ridge stretches down south east from this high point in the direction of Belvedere (cable car station).

The Cima di Jazzi is a feast for the eyes, especially from the Monte Moropass or the Joderhorn. From there, its wildness is clearly portrayed. Viewed from the Zermatt side, it looks like a slightly higher, but otherwise insignificant hump on the Weissgrats. The difficulties should not be underestimated: the glacier has numerous dangerous crevasses and the orientation in fog is challenging.

The name Jatz or Jazzi is quite common in the Valais Alps, and means an 'alpine pasture'.