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Strahlhorn 4190 m Route archive

The Strahlhorn is like a starfish in the middle of a glacial ocean (comprised mainly of the Findel- and Allalingletschers). On the north side, gentle ridges sketch logical lines to the summit. To the west and northeast, other ridges reach out to satellite peaks: Adlerhorn and Fluchthorn, which beautifully frame the Strahlhorn. To the south, steep rock walls fall away: the first step reaching a lonely glacier plateau, the second reaching down to the Schwarzberg Weisstor. Particularly spectacular is the east wall, which drops abruptly to the Schwarzberg glacier and keeps going, on to the Mattmark lake.

The Strahlhorn is one of the simpler four-thousand-meter peaks, but all climbs lead over glaciers with dangerous crevasses. In diffuse lighting / fog, orientation can be very difficult.

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