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Ulrichshorn 3924 m Route archive

"Mehr Schein, als Sein" (basically, it looks better than it is) ... this motto gives the best picture of the Ulrichshorn. From Saas-Fee, the mountain is very inspiring, and is often confused with its much higher neighbour, the Nadelhorn. The Ulrichshorn is a shapely, rather small mountain with four ridges and four flanks, three of which are covered by the Ried Glacier. Only the east flank is rocky.

It is one of a few mountains in Switzerland who's name is derived from one person: Melchior Ulrich (1802 - 1895). Ulrich and his party climbed to the summit in 1848.

As an independent goal, the Ulrichshorn is rarely considered. Many climb to its summit, on which there is a comfortable park bench, but only after climbing the Nadelhorn / Nadelgrat or in combination with the Balfrin.