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Fletschhorn 3986 m Route archive

Viewed from the Saastal, The Fletschhorn makes a minimal impression. From the Simplon Pass on the other hand, its north face stands out, loud and enticing. It is in fact not a mountain at all, but a broad, sprawling massif. Although the Fletschhorn misses the magic mark of 4000 meters, it remains one of the most impressive mountains of Valais. With the Weissmieshütte, the Fletschhornhütte, the Bivouac de Zen and the Laggin Bivouac, the Fletschhorn is very accessible.

In earlier times, the mountain was also called "Rossbodehon", derived from Rossbode, an alp above Egga. The interpretation of today's name is a mystery. "Flesch" is old local dialect for a mountain meadow. From an alpinist's perspective the Fletschhorn has a lot to offer: from a relatively easy ascent to an extreme tour. But drastic climate changes have also affected the Fletschhorn. What remains of the abundant options, is evident here - we had to write off many tours because conditions are too dangerous today.

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