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Signalkuppe / Punta Gnifetti 4553 m Route archive

The Signalkuppe is an odd place. At a whopping 4553 m high on the Monte Rosa massif, its is the only major mountain in the alps to have a manned hut right on the summit. Incidentally, the Regina Margherita hut is also the highest building in Europe. One option for getting there: The south summits of Monte Rosa are like a string of pearls: the Giordanispétz, Vincentpiramid, Balmenhorn, Corno Nero, Ludwigshöhe, Parrotspitze. These six "small" four-thousanders are close together; the height changes between them are relatively small. Therefore, from the Italian side, an interesting traverse can be realised which takes in all 6 summits - music in the ears of many alpinists. (An alternative approach from the north is rather tedious as it is necessary to first overcome the chaos of the Grenzgletschers).