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Vorder Glärnisch 2328 m Route archive

Vorder Glärnisch offers an impressive view deep down to Glarus. There is a summit cross and book. Besides the popular usual ascent from Hintersackberg, Vorder Glärnisch with its open faces on all sides offers an almost unlimited choice of routes, which are mostly on steep grassy slopes (up to 60°).

Stöckli (P. 986), Forenstogg (P. 1484) and Gleiterhorn (P. 1623) are secondary summits or offshoots of the ridge, which can be climbed on various routes, but are not really targets in their own right. Schwösteren / Schwestern (P. 1947) is the last of the original three towers on the north-east ridge. Two of them collapsed in the last few centuries. There is the so called «Pandurenweg» which leads across Stöckli from Unter Sagg to Fadenwald.