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Sighignola 1302 m Route archive

At least half of the mountains of the Alps are said to offer a breath-taking, marvellous, unique or formidable view. All too often this is a well-worn stereotype. Not so in the case of Sighignola: the view goes down to Lugano and countless villages, across hills and mountain ranges, and on the horizon you see the Lombardy plain, Monviso, Monte Rosa, many fourthousanders and countless Ticino mountains. The unique element of this view, however, is Lago di Lugano and its fjords at your feet reaching out in all directions and embracing our mountain: breath-taking!

Sighignola is the mountain dominating the lakeside promenade of Lugano. In the north and the west it towers ca. 1000 metres above the water level. Its south face above Arogno is characterised by many rock pillars, and in the east, towards Valle d'Intelvi, the face is a gently ascending, forested slope.

Since 1913 a road, built for tourism, goes from Lanzo d'Intelvi up to the summit plateau, where today a restaurant, a panorama terrace and a children's playground cater for the needs of the tourists. In the sixties an aerial cableway from Campione was planned and partially built, but never completed. Its summit station was partially dismantled in the years 2011 and 2012.