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Piz Mitgel 3157 m Route archive

Western most Bergüner Stock peak, which dominates Savognin with its broad southwestern wall. The northwest ridge that points down to Motta Palousa is the upper edge of this wall. Three ribs reach out north from this, the eastern forms the east wall of the Piz Mitgel.

The summit offers a magnificent view, especially on the Oberhalbstein and the Albula valley, even the Matterhorn is visible 170 km away. It is a coveted summit destination of Savognin and the most visited of the Bergüner Stock peaks. Especially since a via ferrata on the technically easiest route from the southwest leads to the summit. The remaining routes are only very rarely done, which is partly due to the dubious rock quality. In the wall of Corn da Tinizong, in 2003-2006, a number of routes were bolted, which are also visited little.