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Bishorn 4151 m Route archive

The Bishorn, despite its long approach, is another 'easy' 4000 m peak. Of course it hides in the shadow of the Weisshorn, a stark, dominating pyramid just two kilometres to the south, therefore in principle (like the Schalihorn) is nothing more than a pre-summit of the Weisshorn. Nevertheless, it is popular. The Bishorn has two peaks: a rocky peak of 4133 m and its (currently) highest point, the snow capped main summit at 4151 m.

For many, the Bishorn will be their first four-thousander. Foot traffic here is accordingly high. Despite its long hut trail, the Cabane de Tracuit (usual starting point) is always bustling, though you can also tackle the Bishorn from the Turtmann or Topali huts. The latter are mainly used for the glaciated, ca. 700 m high NE flank. Although the snows of this flank have strongly melted (the lower part is now rock), it still provides some interesting approaches. The situation on the SE side is dangerous: brittle rocks and rockfall.