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Tour Noir 3837 m Route archive

The impressive mountain borderline on which the Tour Noir stands, stretches from the Aiguille du Chardonnet across the Aiguille d'Argentiere, Tour Noir, Aiguilles Rouges du Dolent to Mont Dolent; while none of these reach the magic mark, they certainly all have the aura of 4000 m peaks. The Tour Noir presents itself as a slim tower crowned by two peaks: the North or 'Main summit' and the South summit, which are separated by a small col. The southern vista is dominated by the Aiguilles Rouges du Dolent, while to the north the striking Aiguille de l'A Neuve stands. The Tour Noir is framed in the west by the Glacier d'Argentière and its side glaciers; to the east the mountain funnels down into the mighty valley of the Reuse de l'A Neuve. The eastern side is rocky; the west (for now) holds on to a few small fields of the Glacier du Tour. Many famous alpinists have made a name for themselves on this important mountain, a classic destination for rock climbers, among them Emile Javelle. The Cabane de l'A Neuve and the Refuge d'Argentière are the best starting points for a climb of this mountain, which offers an all-round view of the Mont Blanc massif. Tour Noir (Black Tower) is a perfect name for this summit.