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Pointe de Zinal 3790 m Route archive

From Schönbiel there is a short mountain ridge which crosses the Gemsspitz and Schönbielhorn to reach the Pointe de Zinal. There, this ridge divides again, one part runs down to the Col de Zinal, the other to Col Durand. Between the Schönbielhorn and the Pointe de Zinal there is a nameless pass (3357 m), which can be reached from the Schönbielhütte. The Pointe de Zinal has the misfortune of standing between two magnificent four-thousand-meter peaks, Dent Blanche and Ober Gabelhorn, and is somewhat overshadowed by them - despite its respectable height of 3790 m. The mountain has two peaks, in addition to the main summit (3789 m), 200 m south you'll find is atriangulation point (3777 m). This is known as the South Summit.