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Zinalrothorn 4221 m Route archive

If ever a mountain deserved the name "Horn", surely it's the Zinalrothorn. It is a bold, awe inspiring rock tooth. Alongside the Ober Gabelhorn and the Weisshorn, the Zinalrothorn forms an imposing triumvirate that stands in a straight (NNE) line. On the NW ridge of the Zinalrothorn there is a survey point called L'Epaule du Rothorn (4016 m). From this shoulder, the ridge stretches further to the west, to building up to form two more massive mountains with Blanc de Moming and Besso.

On all the approaches and ridges of the Zinalrothorn there are many gendarmes and other points of interest that were christened by alpinists of earlier days: L'Epaule, Gendarme du Déjeuner, Le Sphinx, La Bosse, Le Rasoir, Bourrique, Wasserloch, Eisloch, Gabel, Biner-Slab, Kanzel, Great Gendarme, etc.

The Zinalrothorn is accessible from Cabane du Grand Mountet and the Rothornhütte. We also want to mention the Cabane de l'Arpitetta, which is an ideal base for the north side. The Arolla-gneiss of the Zinalrothorn is firm and offers wonderful climbing on all routes described. It is really a very worthwhile goal. Since this is well known in alpine circles, you are very unlikely to be alone. There can be a many parties crawling around on the main routes at the same time in high season. Many old guides have been hit by falling rock over the years: crowding can be very dangerous indeed!

Since there are many "Rothorns" in the Alps, the place name "Zinal" has been added to this, the greatest - to better differentiate. It is interesting that the mountain in Zinal and thus in French-speaking Switzerland was dubbed “Le Rothorn de Zinal”, or - in the absence of other Rothorns in this language area - simply “Le Rothorn”.

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