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Gridone / Monte Limidario 2186 m Route archive

A massive mountain, already depicted in 1893 by Ferdinand Hodler in one of his paintings, which rises above Lake Maggiore and drops northwards towards the Centovalli. The summit offers a wide panoramic view. The west and south-east ridges form the national border.

Gridone, Ghiridone or Monte Limidario? All, often in the Ticino canton more than one name is in use, one in the local dialect and another in the standard Italian language. While Ghiridone is the standard name used by many in the region around Locarno and Centovalli, the people from Brissago prefer calling the mountain Gridone in their dialect, formerly also Cridone or Gredone. Monte Limidario is used on the Italian side of the border and is derived from the Latin word “limes” (border). But it may not have denoted today’s border between Switzerland and Italy, but the boundary line between pastures and rock.