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Strahleggpass 3332 m Route archive

A valuable connection between the Grindelwald and Grimsel regions, the Strahleggpass provides the shortest route from the Schreckhornhütte to either the Aarbiwak or the Lauteraarhütte. It is a grand scenic tour and is often undertaken for its own sake, though it can be combined with an ascent of the Strahlegghorn 3460 m via its North Ridge (PD). While the ascent from the Schreckhornhütte is quite easy, the descent to the Strahleggfirn through the so-called "Strahleggwändli" is quite difficult. Numerous iron rods facilitate orientation and can be used for abseiling and securing. Important Note: The descent does not start at the lowest point of Strahleggpass, but a little north of it.

Although as early as 1748 a shepherd is thought to have crossed the pass, the first official crossing was made in 1812 by Dr Rudolf Meyer of Aarau (who also climbed the Jungfrau with his brother Gottlieb), travelling with two guides from Grimsel to Grindelwald. The 'Strahleggtour' would later become fashionable, with many people finding a glacier wander through such ancient and impressionable terrain more worthy than simply gaining a summit. In this regard and to this day, the tour has lost none of its charm.

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