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Mont Dolent 3819 m Route archive

Mont Dolent guards the northeast end of the Mont Blanc massif, arguably the mightiest mountain range in the Alps. This "Roof of Europe" separates the Chamonix- from the Aosta Valley. Mont Dolent itself, although not a four-thousand-meter, presents itself proudly as an imposing, irregular, somewhat hunchbacked pyramid with four sides and as many ridges. To the north flow two branches of glacier which merge to become the Glacier de l'A Neuve. Viewed from the north, it is these remarkable glaciers that lend Mont Dolent its grand appearance. About 150 m NW of the summit, in a conspicuous gendarme (3752 m): this is the border between Switzerland / Italy / France. For many years this mountain attracted the alpinist 'heavyweights' of their time; the names of the first-ascenders speak volumes. Mont Dolent can be approached from several starting points: the Bivacco Fiorio, Refuge d'Argentiere, Cabane de l'A Neuve, and the Bivouac du Dolent.

A. Adams Reilly, Edward Whymper with Henri Charlet mit Henri Charlet, Michel Croz and Michel Payot, July 9 1864.

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