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Bivouac du Dolent-La Maye CAS 2667 m

An unusual SAC cabin, located on the ridge exactly halfway up between La Fouly in Val Ferret and trinational Mont Dolent. The orange coloured shelter on a small moraine mound close to the glacier resembles a space capsule and is mounted on a concrete foundation for stability. The interior is simple, functional, just like in a mobile home (some kitchenware, but no cooking facilities).

Informations from the hut

Kein Telefonanschluss, nur Notfunk / Keine Kochgelegenheit

Additional informations Bivouac du Dolent-La Maye CAS

Hut wardened
  • Jan: Closed
  • Feb: Closed
  • Mar: Closed
  • Apr: Closed
  • May: Closed
  • Jun: Closed
  • Jul: Closed
  • Aug: Closed
  • Sep: Closed
  • Oct: Closed
  • Nov: Closed
  • Dec: Closed
Shelter open
  • Jan: Open
  • Feb: Open
  • Mar: Open
  • Apr: Open
  • May: Open
  • Jun: Open
  • Jul: Open
  • Aug: Open
  • Sep: Open
  • Oct: Open
  • Nov: Open
  • Dec: Open
  • Sleeps: 12

  • Emergency shelter: 12

  • Cooking non catered
  • Dogs on request
Hut chief
Bärtschi Nicolas

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