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Hinterer Eggstock 2434 m Route archive

The Hinter Eggstock is most commonly climbed via the ferrata or from the southwest. The easiest ascent option is the marked descent of the last leg of the via ferrata.

The Eggstöcke (summits, plural) represent the ruggedly sloping northern end of the eastern ridge of Bös Fulen. They tower over the deep valley of Braunwald and therefore offer impressive and comprehensive views. If thunderstorms start to build here they are very exposed. For this reason, there is a refuge on the plateau.

The Eggstöcke are well-known and popular with climbers, being easily reachable from the Berggasthaus Gumen (top station of the chairlift Braunwald - Gumen) and offering climbing routes of all difficulty levels. Originally, climbing on the Eggstöcken was concentrated on the northern side. However, due to habitat management concerns it was agreed that climbing should be prohibited there. The southern walls of the Eggstöcke may be enjoyed by all, but the game on the north side should be left in peace (until hunting season). Incidentally, the same restrictions apply for the Schattenstock and the Schwyzerwand.

The modern equipped via ferrata leads in three spectacular stages, more or less following the ridge line for its entirety from Gumerngrätli, along the Leiteregg, to Vorder Eggstock, across the Charlotte Bridge, over Mittler Eggstock and finally to the Hinter Eggstock.