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Teurihorn 2973 m Route archive

Rocky cone that dominates the Rhine forest thanks to its forward position. Despite the attractive shape of the mountain; and the rewarding view being so easily accessible, the summit is rarely visited, likely due to the extensive piles of scree that litter its flanks.

5 ridges lead down from it: the north ridge to the Teurilücke is made up of fragile slabs layered downwards; the north-east ridge, over the uppermost part of which the usual route runs; the east ridge which leads to the Rundhorn and Stutzhorn; the southern ridge, which is short and steep; and the west ridge, above the Teurmulde, which is very steep in the lower part, but has reasonably good rock near the summit, which is why this section (the only options besides the northeast flank) is also occasionally used.