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Seetalhütte SAC 2065 m

The small and simple interior of the wooden cabin in a picturesque location behind Klosters is reminiscent of the early era of building alpine shelters. A few steps from the cabin there is Seetalsee with a rowboat available for cabin visitors (see info in the cabin). It is a stopover of tours from cabin to cabin and col crossings to Montafon (Austria). The Silvretta area offers climbing routes of different grades.

Additional informations Seetalhütte SAC

Hut wardened
  • Jan: Closed
  • Feb: Closed
  • Mar: Closed
  • Apr: Closed
  • May: Closed
  • Jun: Closed
  • Jul: Closed
  • Aug: Closed
  • Sep: Closed
  • Oct: Closed
  • Nov: Closed
  • Dec: Closed
Shelter open
  • Jan: Open
  • Feb: Open
  • Mar: Open
  • Apr: Open
  • May: Open
  • Jun: Open
  • Jul: Open
  • Aug: Open
  • Sep: Open
  • Oct: Open
  • Nov: Open
  • Dec: Open
Hut phone
  • Sleeps: 12

  • Emergency shelter: 12

  • Cooking catered
  • Cooking non catered
  • Drinks
  • Plain meals
Hut guardian
Bernet Andreas
Hut guardian partner
Guler Simona
Hut chief
Nett Christian

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