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FAQ SAC-App Frequently asked questions SAC App

We listed the answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning the SAC-App.

If you can’t find the answer, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to provide you with additional information.

What are the advantages of the new SAC-App?

The SAC-App is your digital companion on your next mountain tour. It offers easy access to route information and safety-related topics.  You can add routes to your watch lists and define routes and map sections you can access offline without any internet connection. As in the SAC route portal, you can also use the app to find your personal mountain experience in over 6000 tours composed by professional authors.

The app, which was launched in winter 21/22, is constantly being improved and expanded with new functions.

How can I download the SAC-App?

You can download the SAC-App directly and free of charge from the Google Playstore (for Android devices) or the App Store (for Apple iOS devices) and install it on your mobile phone.

Can I also use the SAC-App as a non-member?

Yes, as a non-member you can install and use the SAC-app on your mobile phone. However, the chargeable routes are only available to SAC members or with a route portal subscription.
By the way: Even as a non-member you can create a personal SAC account free of charge and benefit from additional functions in the SAC route portal subscription, you can make full use of the SAC shop and the online hut reservation system, register for courses and much more.

I am a member, why don't I have access to all the routes and functions of the SAC-App?

Log in to the app with your activated SAC account. If it still doesn't work, ou have probably opened and are using a non-member SAC account. Activate your SAC account with the PUK and only use this account in the future.
To check: if you are a member and logged into your SAC account on the SAC website, you will see your section and other membership details in your personal area.

How can I use routes offline (without coverage) when I'm on the trail?

All routes you have saved for offline use are available offline (provided you have allowed download of routes in the app settings). You can download a route directly in the app ("Download" button next to each route) or save map sections for offline use.

To use the offline function of the app, you must be logged in as an SAC member.  As a non-SAC member, you can buy a Route Portal subscription and benefit from all the app's functions.

What is the difference between the SAC-App and the SAC route portal?

The contents of the SAC app and the SAC route portal are congruent*. The app makes it possible to use all routes with the high-quality swisstopo map series on the trail - even without network reception. Thanks to many additional functions such as route filter, route drawing or print function, the SAC route portal shows its strengths above all on the large screen. In a first development step in 2022, the app will initially focus on the content of the tour portal, with further services being added on an ongoing basis. Our aim is to develop the new app into a digital companion for all SAC members.

* The route archive with the original excerpts from the printed SAC guidebooks is currently only accessible in the tour portal and not in the app.

Can I use the SAC-App on several devices at the same time?

No, at the moment you can only use the SAC-App with your personal SAC account on one device at a time. We are working on making it possible to use the app on more than one device in the future.